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where you can find, rate and review medical marijuana providers in Maine! As a patient, you should be able to easily FIND medical marijuana, RATE the provider and REVIEW your experience. How have different strains of medicine effected you or have you received incredible medicine from a caregiver or dispensary and want to spread the word? Click on “Find/Rate a Caregiver” and give your thoughts. With our 5 star rating system, easily tell others about your experience with any caregiver and dispensary in Maine and review their medicine – TOTALLY FREE.

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Roll Your Own

The series is a fun and educational medical marijuana show. Learn how to grow your own medical marijuana from seed to harvest. Get the knowledge you need to know how to clone plants, roll joints, vaporize, make cannabutter, cannabis vodka and much more in this incredible learning program.

Do you have a headshop, vaporstore, caregiving service, dispensary or medical marijuana related business?

We have very limited spots available for sponsorship for our Medical Marijuana educational show, Roll Your Own: the Series. For just $100 per episode, your business will be featured TWICE per episode! Our production team will create a 30 second FREE promotional video for you (a $500 value!) Your promotional video will play in the middle break and at the end of our program. Very limited slots are available!

About Delivery

Your proof of Medical Marijuana certification is required and MUST be present at time of delivery. Phone call WILL be required and a safe meeting point will be determined by both the caregiver and patient.

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