The cannabis community is a growing one, with a pretty decent learning curve. If you’re new to marijuana it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. With so many things to learn about the cannabis plant, information can easily be misinterpreted. In other cases, you’re fed the wrong information entirely! Medical marijuana has had a lasting and increasing effect on Maine for 18 years now. In 1999 62% of the populace voted to legalize medical marijuana in Maine. At the time only California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska had legalized medical marijuana. Currently, there are 20 states that still consider medical marijuana a Schedule I drug! Those states are Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina *(N. Carolina hopes to legalize medical marijuana this year 2017.)
Unfortunately, there are a lot of programs spreading lies about the plant cannabis and its medicinal values. In a time when the world needs to spread the truth. To combat this here is a simple starter myth vs. facts list about medical marijuana.

Myths and Facts about Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana



  • Smoking a joint is just as harmful as a cigarette. – This is so untrue, reference this study in 2015.
  • George Washington grew weed in his backyard. – No, but he did grow hemp a common crop during that time.
  • Cannabis lowers your IQ. – This is NOT true based on a study done on sets of twins, published in 2015.
  • All cannabis plants produce “bud” or flower. – This is not true. The cannabis plant can be male or female. Only the female plants will flower. Producing the beautiful green nugs we like to smoke.


  • It takes 30 days for weed to clear from your system. – Yes generally depending on metabolism and body fat levels.
  • You can fail a drug test being around people that smoke. – Yes, however, it’s pretty unlikely. As long as there is some ventilation in the room you’re all set.
  • Cannabis KILLS cancer. – Hell yes, it does! This article highlights recent studies to prove this yet again.

I hope you find this article useful on your journey in the cannabis community. There are still plenty of facts out there. Unfortunately, there are still myths being spread about this green plant. Keep an open mind and educate yourself and others. Education is key to continue enjoying our beautiful green plant called cannabis.


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