Cannabis recipes can be found in a vast variety of options, but which ones are the easiest? There are many different options out there when it comes to edibles. Popular canna edible can come in baked goods, candies, gummies, and some drinks. Today we’ll be focusing on baked goods. Simple good recipes that you can bake at home. Prepare for your home to smell a lot like cannabis when you are through!


Edibles are a prime option for anyone not interested in smoking or vaping. They’re also an excellent alternative for those suffering from chronic pain. Part of the reason edibles are great for people crippled by chronic pain is because the high is stronger and lasts longer. This eliminates the need to smoke 4 or 5 times a day.

Already Have Cannabutter?

If you already have cannabutter, read on for some simple recipes to make delicious easy edibles.

No Cannabutter?

If you do NOT have cannabutter head over to our Find/Rate a Caregiver page. Find a caregiver that you can purchase cannabis butter, or buy a big bag of bud and make your own!

Either way, you’ll need some form of cannabutter or oil for the following recipes.

Enjoy & Good Luck!

The most well known edible is the pot brownie. Pot brownies can generally be purchased at your local dispensary, however, if you are looking for a more frugal option follow one of these recipes.


Pot Brownies

Pot Brownie Recipes

Peanut Butter Cookies

I already have a hard time passing up a good peanut butter cookie, but a cannabis recipes for peanut butter cookies are even better.

Healthy/Diabetic Friendly Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis edibles can be a great option for diabetics due to its anti-inflammatory effects. There have been studies to show even greater benefits for diabetics using marijuana. Read more here.

With some top easy options, I hope you’ll be able to create a delicious alternative to your everyday smoke.

I’ll leave you with a cannabis cooking tip.

Do not cook anything with cannabis in it over 340 degrees. Above this temperature, the THC can degrade and reduce the potency of the edible.


It’s best to go with a recipe you are comfortable with. An easy recipe you are confident in completing is a great option too. Just keep in mind your cannabis ingredient whether it be butter or oil is more valuable than the average ingredient. Plan, use your valuable ingredient wisely. Finally, if you are unclear on the dosage of the baked good, take it slow.

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